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Hi, I’m Delice it’s a pleasure to meet you. Here’s a little bit about myself. I am a mother to two amazing children and a wife to a wonderful husband. As a child growing up, I have always been an introvert, but as I got older, I found out that I could be an extrovert the other half of the time. I’ve been in healthcare for over twenty years, which allowed me to interact more with my patients. In addition, while being a nursing student I was able to relate with other students like myself. As a result, this led me in the direction of starting my own business as a life/health coach, hence the name, Fight the Struggle. 



Our journey begins when we start to Embrace the changes that allows us to be the better version of ourselves. By changing our mindset and how we sometimes perceive certain things can help us adapt to new habits that will benefit us along the way of embracing the changing in our lives.  

How do we embrace change? I’m glad you asked! There are many ways to embrace change in your life. One, expanding your mind, and allowing yourself to think outside the box. This will allow you to think of bigger and greater things. Two, learning something new. Don’t get stuck on old habits, create new ways and different idea of doing things. Three, developing better habits can change the outcome in your lives and create a stronger path to a better future. Four, having new experiences. Challenge yourself to experience something different from the everyday custom. Five, become more adaptable and flexible. Be open to accepting the changes that are out of your control and allow yourself to adjust. 

Finally, make improvements to your life and future. Take the necessary steps in your life to turn the negatives into positives, the unproductiveness into motivation and the regrets into rewards. By embracing changes, we can empower ourselves to be physically well and mentally healthy. 

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No more feeling uncomfortable.

Take the first step towards a brighter future by reaching out to us today. Together, we will explore your strengths, identify areas for growth, and develop a personalized plan that suits your needs. Remember, you don't have to face your challenges alone. With me you can regain control over your mental well-being and embrace a life of peace, confidence, and fulfillment.

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