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10 ways to de-stress

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Stress can be an everyday challenge has we go about our busy lives on a daily basis.

When stress strikes, try one of these techniques for a quick cool-down:

Change the environment

Do something pleasurable or relaxing for a little while such as reading, watching TV, or taking a shower. If you are at work, step outside for a few minutes and get some fresh air.

Practice breathing exercises

Focus on your breath, pushing all other thoughts aside. Be conscious of the breath coming in and going out; focus on the sensation of inhaling and exhaling.


This does not mean sitting crossed leg on the floor and burning incense. Meditation is really about quieting the mind. Not reacting; just noticing. Even a minute can make a difference. Be in the moment noticing everything around you and just observe without reacting.


Often, one’s faith can be a comfort. Saying a small prayer or series of prayers can be calming.

Do relaxation exercises

Sometimes known as progressive muscle relaxation, practice tensing and then releasing each of your muscle groups. If your body is physiologically relaxed, then you can’t be stressed.

Go walking or running

Exercise can be a great stress reliever. It helps you blow off steam and releases endorphins. Take a walk or go running. This will provide some perspective so you can return in a new frame of mind.

Practice a rhythmic activity

Walking or running are great rhythmic activities that readjust your focus and relieve stress. You can also drum on a table with your hands or a few pencils.

Immerse yourself in a creative outlet

Doing something creative that you enjoy like cooking, baking, art or photography can take you away from the stress at hand. For example, cooking or baking requires focus, concentration and physical activity—especially if you are making bread or rolling out dough.

Express your feelings

Write your stress away in a journal, take out your colored pencils and paper and focus your concentration on drawing, or have coffee with a trusted friend and just talk.

Be in the moment with one of your senses

Sight, smell, sound, and taste—you’ll be amazed how quickly the stress melts away when you focus on just one of them. Eat something that you crave and savor each bite. Light a scented candle and breathe in your favorite scent. Listen to a wonderful piece of music and let it take you away. Look at something beautiful in your surrounding that makes you stop and stare.

Fight the struggle to survive the stressors in our lives.

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